Ippuku: Gizzard, Heart & Chicken Tartare




     There was a time when we as a people lived in fear of eating under-cooked pork.  Casting my mind back to the early 80’s, when A-Ha’s “Take On Me” was annoyingly inescapable and dudes everywhere sported see-through mesh t-shirts, our mothers and fathers were unwitting violators of swine-flesh. Operating under the notion that under-cooked pork could kill they egregiously over-cooked it.  Restaurants too, perhaps knowing better but having to cater to popular anxiety, were forced to cook the divine swine to a chewy, grey finish.  These days, society’s fears have eased due to better standards of pig-tending and you can cook your chop medium rare without a qualm.

Not so with chicken.   Chicken farming is by-and-large still in the Dark Ages, which yields meat that you’d rather have cooked to the bone.  However, if you as a restaurant or average consumer can get your hands on quality fowl, there’s no reason why you need to be unduly worried about being reduced to a quivering, sweating, two-way human geyser after eating some less-than-cooked-through chicken.

And that’s where this article’s subject...



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