Mexican Breakfast All day at San Jalisco in The Mission

August 28, 2017


     Mexican breakfast is the best breakfast. If you aren’t of the opinion that it is indeed the best, then I’m guessing you’ve never broken the taut, glistening surface of a fried egg yolk and watched its contents slowly swirl into salsa, beans and pulled pork; or cracked into a crispy-fried tortilla chip coated in cheese and scrambled eggs.  Most of us are at least familiar with Huevos Rancheros, a longtime gringo favorite, but there are many other sphincter-searing delights. Slightly lesser known amongst those who don’t count Mexican food as a birthright are Machaca (shredded beef with scrambled eggs), Nopales con Huevos (eggs scrambled with tender strips of cactus), Chilaquiles (fried corn or tortilla chips, usually tossed with scrambled eggs and chorizo), and Chicharrones con Huevos (crispy pork skin with eggs).

     The only problem, at least for me, is that I can’t always find a good Mexican breakfast when I want it, i.e., after I’ve managed to extricate myself from my nocturnal cocoon, performed the routine bodily maintenance mandated by polite society and made my way out of doors and to The Mission District, by which time the clock usually chimes about 2 pm.  The Mission is full of all-day breakfast joints, but...



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