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Exhibition Review: The Whitney's Andy Warhol - From A to B and Back Again

The Whitney’s new exhibit, “Andy Warhol - From A to B and Back Again,” comes no closer than any previous endeavor in shattering the durable enigma that is its subject, the awkward prince of New York’s 20th-Century art world. But neither was that likely the aim when Whitney curator Donna de Salvo hatched the thing from the febrile depths of her mind; the enigma was created in such a way that it never be solved, like a trick Rubik’s cube, so any overt attempt to solve it would be undignified - ruinous, even.

As its title suggests, the exhibition can be experienced, quite enjoyably, in chronological order. But you could just as well start at the end, with two meters-long paintings on classical themes (the first: 20-odd, bleached clones of Mona Lisa; the second: twin Last Suppers, the whole pious business covered in green-grey camouflage), and then walk back to the beginning, where examples of Warhol’s work as a commercial illustrator here to read the full article.

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