Money is Power : Support Black Businesses


Let’s assume, for a moment, that blatant, vicious police brutality perpetrated against black people has only recently compelled you to put a shoulder to the stalled, sputtering Greyhound bus that is America on the seemingly interminable, blood-smeared highway to the achievement of truer racial and social justice.  While there are several ways to get the leaden beast to budge, one in particular allows for march-sore feet to pause in their labor, if only for a moment - while putting several long dead, rich white men to work. 


Those who delight in a little cheap irony, then, may consider opening their wallets to let flow into the coffers of black-owned businesses a green stream of Benjamins, Lincolns, Washingtons, Grants, Hamiltons, Jacksons and - most definitely - Jeffersons. Because if there’s one thing Americans know, it’s that economic strength translates better than any other to political power. 


While black-owned businesses proliferate more heavily in neighboring Bed Stuy, Bushwick, too, is home to several. And, even read the full article, click here. 

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