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Hospitality Under Siege: Gordo's Cantina and Pizzette

We’ve come quite a distance from the virally virginal days of early March when we were still adjusting to certain grim realities I need not elaborate upon. Since then, the public’s psychological pendulum has swung, in some quarters at least, from caution and prudence to the reckless impulsiveness of ill-informed hoople-heads (e.g., the heavily armed, wannabe militia men who cowed the Michigan State Legislature last month).

But most people aren’t reacting to the crisis in a manner so florid. Most, like the restaurant and bar owners of Bushwick, Brooklyn, are just trying to descry any hint whatsoever of luminescence at the other end of this depthless mine shaft called the COVID 19 pandemic.

The first installment of my column, published in early April, documented the pluck and perseverance of two Bushwick business owners, Marie Estrada of Moto Spirits Distillery and Shinobu Kato of the Kato Sake Works. They are, you’ll be glad to hear, still in business, fighting the good fight against sobriety.

Today, we add two more faded daguerreotypes to our Wild West gallery of small scale entrepreneurship under siege: Steve Sciacca of Pizzette, in East Williamsburg, read the full article, click here.

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