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24th Street Series: La Palma Mexicatessen

There isn't a neighborhood of any city in our union that is completely static, no urban zone where the prevailing skin tone will forever be reminiscent of elephant tusk, obsidian, or mole poblano, or where every household will be able to afford the exact same tier of consumer crap. There's always some variety of demographic shift occurring, either in minute increments over an extended period, or all at once in a short burst. One such burst is happening in The Mission, specifically on 24th Street. The pace of gentrification there is staggering, making the tarting-up of Valencia Street (having started somewhere in the late-80's or early-90's, depending on your perspective) seem glacial by comparison. The rate at which the 24th Street of yesterday (literally, yesterday) is disappearing elicits in me an urge to document (nay, elegize) some of my favorite spots on the strip...


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