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Offalmania in the Inner Richmond : The Organ Trail Part 3

The Richmond. Utter that small collection of phonemes three times in a row a la Beetlejuice and you might suddenly find yourself clad in a thick, grey knit sweater, gazing thoughtfully over the thick foaming head of a pint of stout from a plush barstool at flocks of angry asian women fighting over dragon fruit and flip-flops on the sidewalk outside. Frequently grey and cold, Clement Street between 2nd and 13th Streets is also a fantastic promenade whose edible entertainments I have yet to exhaust. Halu Restaurant is an elder statesman of the San Francisco izakaya scene. It's a shoe box crowded with Beatles memorabilia and skewered meat (kushiyaki) grilled over special hot coals called bincho-tan. Much of what gets skewered are various odds and ends of the chicken, collectively known as yakitori. Gizzard, liver, heart, skin and plain old thigh are some of the tidbits commonly impaled for your gustatory pleasure. If you're...


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