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Book Review: Recovered Memory

Courtesy of © Daylight Records

To be birthed and reared in one of the world’s great cities is both a boon and a misfortune. A boon because - well, that’s fairly apparent. The misfortune lies in never seeing your home metropolis with the wide eyes of a suburban or country yokel sucked into its orbit, either for the first time or on a repeat visit.

There is one obvious palliative, though, that remains for those suckled at the teat of the world’s great cities who wish to experience the thrill of fresh or renewed acquaintance: become what you hate the most: a tourist in another city.

In the mid-seventies, two friends of photographer/writer Frank Van Riper moved to Paris. This gave Van Riper, a bred-in-the-bone New Yorker, all the excuse he needed to regularly visit the storied French capital, which he did over the course of the ensuing years. The pictures he took during this period, together here to read the full article.

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