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Exhibition Review: Gordon Parks

Our fascination with beginnings, with the nascent in art, music, literature, history, etc., is bound up with our obsession with what makes us “us”: if the ego is but a crude sculpture of our past experiences, then those lumps of clay which form its base should hold more than a passing interest.

It’s precisely our preoccupation with origin stories that makes ‘The New Tide”, an exhibit of photographer Gordon Parks’ early work showing November 4 - February 18 at the National Gallery in Washington D.C., so compelling.

Parks, for the uninitiated, was a trailblazing, incredibly prolific photographer and filmmaker, active throughout the mid-to-late 20th Century. One of the first black men to cross the race line in the pursuit of careers in both photography and cinema (not to mention music, painting, and writing), his artistic beginnings here to read the full article.

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