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Bushwick's Source For BBQ Brisket Pho Reopens For Delivery and Pickup

Johnny Huynh, Bushwick native and owner of Lucy's Kitchen

These are, to put it lightly, keenly anxious times for the restaurant and bar business in New York. There are the hourly and/or tipped employees, the suppliers and the proprietors whose livelihoods are threatened; and then there are those who, in the weeks, months or even years leading up to Governor Cuomo’s coronavirus-related bar/restaurant closure announcement, had been in the midst of unveiling new contributions to the city’s hospitality scene. Among these is Lucy’s, a mole hole-sized Vietnamese restaurant on Irving Avenue between Bleecker and Menahan streets out of commission for almost a year for remodeling/re-organization, reopened Sunday, March 8. In addition to the original’s resuscitation, a second location was opened the following Sunday in Williamsburg, featuring a 20-seat dining room and backyard. Both locations do brisk business in take-outs and deliveries, which accounts for their still being open.The five-year-old restaurant is known primarily read the full article, click here.

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