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Sweet Chili, Acclaimed for Creative Southeast Asian Food, To Reopen For Pickup & Delivery

Chef Lisa Fernandes with Tom Colicchio on the set of Top Chef.

Here’s a (long-winded) Jeopardy question for all you Bushwegians: “A queer Toronto-born-and-raised chef living in Bushwick with multiple seasons of Top Chef under her belt whose 5-year-old Southeast Asian-centric food truck Sweet Chili morphed into a brick-and-mortar (likewise Bushwick-based) last November and then closed following the Cuomo’s decision to shutter restaurants against the COVID19 pandemic.”

The answer: “Who is Lisa Fernandes.”

But there’s an emotionally complicated coda to the above decade-plus summary of Fernandes’ life: Sweet Chili is throwing open its doors anew this Sunday, May 3, letting a fragrant blast of Vietnam and Thailand out into the neighborhood.

It’s emotionally complicated because, read the full article, click here.

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