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Peter's Crunchy Red Tacos Brings Birria to Bushwick

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic aside, Peter Luna opened his Crunchy Red Tacos at an opportune moment. Region-specific Mexican food has only recently gained popular ground in New York, at least compared to Mexico-adjacent California. Birria, a stewy culinary staple of the central-west Mexican state of Jalisco, hasn’t been difficult to find in New York for a long time. But according to Luna, good birria is a recent development.

The young restaurateur, whose vividly designed truck sits on Wyckoff Avenue a block from the Jefferson L Stop, isn’t shy in admitting why that is: Birrialandia.

Responsible in large part for New York’s current obsession with birria, Birrialandia is an absurdly popular food truck permanently ensconced on...[click here to read the full article]


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