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The Digestivos Go Down Easy at AmmazzaCaffé

Ammazzacaffé, an Italian-inspired restaurant in Eastern Williamsburg just west of Graham Avenue, marries consistent quality with affordability. For that, it’s been included lately among the batch of local restaurants to get on the Michelin’s Bib Gourmand list. An under-the-radar spot, a visit there last week confirmed that it deserves those Michelin-brand epaulettes, both for their food and their carefully curated list of amaro and wine.

A typically churlish Italian food purist might purse his lips at the idea of Kelly Hau, originally from Taiwan, and Gary Tackett, an Arkansan raised on casseroles and biscuits, partnering for a venture so steeped in the eating and drinking traditions of middle and southern Italy. The retort would likely be that...[click here to read the full article]


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