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Farewell Tour: Sam's Burgers, Swan Oyster Depot & Zuni's Chicken

The list I had made was long and I was short on time and tight with money. The Tonga Room, Red’s Java, The Buena Vista, Farallon, The Old Clam House, Kokkari, Tony’s Cable Car, The Cliff House, Sinbad’s…all these joints skipped on in the assumption that both they and this writer would be haunting San Francisco till the sun exploded. Of course, both those assumptions are misplaced and fail to take into account, well, life. Not to mention the pitiless jungle that is San Francisco’s restaurant industry. The idea was to make amends for having taken those places for granted by patronizing all of them in the two months leading up to my departure. However......TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE, CLICK HERE.

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